Digital illustration: Shapes



Digital illustration: portrait

I decided to use this portrait and put it on a gray scale because i didn’t like the way the portrait looked with just colors. To me it looked like a coloring book and a portrait is supposed to highlight key aspects of the image and I think I captured that using the paint brush tool

This is my portrait. I tried to do in color but it didn’t look right to me so I out it in black and what and used the paint brush tool on illustrator and made it into my own art work. This is my idea of a portrait high light key aspects of the face

Self critique: me


The object degree of representation are pieces of magazines that were cut out in different shapes to make this art work non-abstract. The elements of design in this art work is analogous colors which is red, red orange, orange, yellow orange, and yellow, I also used color value for each color I used so that there is more value created in this texture. The principal of organization used in this art work is asymmetrical balance where the art work sense to be balanced, but if you were to cut it in half it would be the same but it’s not. There is an equal proportion through your the whole design and the picture also creates a harmonious move through your the design. I feel that this design has many little focal point me when you look at it, but when you first look at it the first thing it draws your eyes to is the hair because it is the darkest of the whole design. Also the lips because it is the second darkest thing in this deign and it is also in the center. This art work has a clear point of what the subject matter is. This design is clearly represented and you can tell what it is. The design is mostly made up of curvilinear lines because of the round face and the extra details like the hat. All of these objects are made up of curvilinear lines. The weakest part of this design are the eyes because everything in the picture is proportioned properly except the eyes. The eyes are very un proportionate. They looks small and there is no color intensity to bring it out more. So it’s almost like the eyes are almost lost in this picture. I think the strongest part of this picture is the face, and hair because you can tell what they are and they are very exact. Nothing in this design should be repeated because it wouldn’t make sense. I don’t think anything should be deleted either because the picture would look incomplete. There is some strength in this picture to make it what it is. If I was to chant anything about this drawing it would be the eyes because they almost get lost and also the scarf because you can’t tell what it really is because of the color scheme I chose. So it ends up matching everything else I would’ve changed the color of I knew what the outcome would look like

Critiquing: Nicole Goordon


The artworks degree of representation is using complementary colors to take place of the original picture which makes the picture non-abstract. The elements of design in this picture is magazines of two complementary colors which is orange and blue, and with these colors she created value and texture. The principal of organization used in this picture is an asymmetrical balance; the design looks balanced but it is not. She also has the right proportion in her picture the picture isn’t to far off or imbalanced. Meaning one side gas more than the other. Her picture also has harmony because everything moves together and there’s nothing off about the picture.

She has more than one focal point in her picture. The first thing I look at when I see the picture is her glasses because it isn’t blue or orange it’s black so it stand out more and it’s also bolder than the rest of the colors. The other focal point is her tounge, I say that this is another focal point because it comes outside of the value texture that she has created and its a different color from the rest and it draws your eyes towards it. Her art work conveys depth. It conveys depth because of they way she has different shapes in the drawing and the color value. Also the way she has the colors and shapes that move a cross the sledding so smoothly.

The subject matter in this art work is achieved because you can see what the art work is and what it’s reprenting. The art work had curvilinear lines that shape the face, the object on her face, and also around her head which is her hair. I feel that the curvilinear lines are the strongest aspect of this work because it get around the edges of her face and defines what it is. The weakest part of this artwork is the nose because it kind of gets lost within the face of there was a higher calue scale then the nose would be seen more than it is now. I don’t think anything should be repeated in this work. There is a lot of strength in this work and I wouldn’t change anything.